This is the online presence of KHKonsulting LLC.

The man behind KHKonsulting LLC is Karl Heinz Kremer, who has been working with PostScript and PDF for more than 25 years. These days it’s mostly PDF. He is an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) for Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe has named him an Adobe Community Professional (ACP) for his work in Adobe’s online forums.

We write software that generates, modifies, processes and converts PDF files. This is mostly done in the form of Acrobat plug-ins and Adobe PDFL based software. But we also generate interactive forms, fix PDF problems, teach about PDF and Acrobat and can help you with any problem that involves PDF or Acrobat.

In addition to writing software based on Adobe technology we also use 3rd party PDF toolkits, frameworks and libraries when necessary.

You can get in touch with us by either email or phone:

KHKonsulting LLC
Phone: (585) 563-9641

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