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Converting PDF documents to PowerPoint presentations is probably not something you need every day. I think I needed it once when the original PowerPoint file of a presentation I needed to give was no longer available, but the PDF file created from that presentation was. I did not have access to AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter back then, so a lot of copy&pasting took place.

Today you can download a free version of that software from I’ve played around with the application a little, and it really does what it promises: PDF elements get converted to editable PowerPoint page elements.

Here is a list of the key features of AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter:

  1. Convert PDF files to PPT presentations quickly and accurately
  2. Retain all the layouts, images, and hyperlinks in the output documents
  3. Produce an editable and dynamic PPT presentation with a few clicks
  4. Convert up to 200 PDF files at the same time
  5. Support Office 2010 and Windows 7

I cannot vouch for the last two list items, but I know that it worked for up to seven files, and that all the other claims are true. If you think you’ll ever need to convert a PDF file to PowerPoint, give AnyBizSoft PDF Converter a try – and if you do it (download and activate) today from it will not even cost you a dime.

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  2. Murphy says:

    AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter plays well in recovering PowerPoint Presentations from PDF. The layout and elements are well preserved in the converted files. Thanks very much.

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