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How to Count Radio Button Choices in Acrobat JavaScript

A question that comes up every now and then on either AcrobatUsers.com or in the Acrobat JavaScript Forum is about how to count how many radio buttons with a certain value were selected by a user. Let’s for example say … Continue reading

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All About PDF Stamps

Putting “All About PDF Stamps” on the cover puts the bar pretty high when you write a book about PDF Stamps… But Thom Parker clears that bar without any problems! His book “All About PDF Stamps in Acrobat & Paperless … Continue reading

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Best Way to Learn Acrobat Scripting

Every now and then I come across the question “What is the best way to learn scripting for Adobe Acrobat? Are there any books or other resources averrable?”. After doing some research, I think I finally found the best resource … Continue reading

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Is Your Acrobat Plug-in Still Using ADM?

For a few years now Adobe has been telling 3rd party developers that the ADM (Adobe Dialog Manager) will be discontinued, and that existing plug-ins may have to be ported to something else. If I remember correctly, this started with … Continue reading

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Developing Acrobat JavaScript on a MacBook

Acrobat’s JavaScript is a great tool to extend the application, or to automate reoccurring tasks. There are several ways a JavaScript can be added to the application or a document (e.g. folder level scripts, validation scripts, event handling scripts, …), … Continue reading

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Nuance PDF Reader

Nuance (the people behind OmniPage and Dragon Naturally Speaking and a bunch of other things) release a competitor to the free Adobe Reader – the free Nuance PDF Reader (http://www.nuance.com/imaging/products/pdf-reader.asp). The feature list looks very promising: Fill and save PDF … Continue reading

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