The End is Here – of ADM that is

Adobe just released the Acrobat XI SDK, and as usual, there are a number of changes – new APIs, modified ones, and the final removal of ADM (that is the Adobe Dialog Manager). The release notes are here [PDF].

I’ve talked about this in a blog post before, and given some suggestions about how to deal with the discontinuation of ADM support. Back then, Adobe had removed the header files so that no new plugins with ADM support could be compiled, but existing plug-ins that were using ADM were still working. This is no longer true: Any plug-in that was compiled with ADM enabled, will no longer work with Acrobat XI. I said “with ADM enabled” – that does not necessarily mean that ADM is actually used to generate dialogs, all that’s required for the plug-in to fail to load now is that ADM was compiled into the plug-in. For some versions of the Acrobat SDK this actually means that ADM was not explicitly disabled when the plug-in was compiled.

If your plug-in does not load in Acrobat XI due to ADM, it’s time to address this problem, there is no way around it. It might be quite a bit of work to replace an ADM based GUI, but if you want to extend the life of your plug-in, that’s what needs to be done. Let me know if I can help you with that process.

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  1. Palaksha says:


    We have a product(collection of custom plug-ins suite), that we implemented using _ACROBAT_SDK_VERSION_7,
    It was working fine till Acrobat X, but in acrobat 11, it isn’t. I think we were not using any ADM stuff in our applications(All UI related stuff created using MFC in those).
    We need to support acrobat 7 through 11 for our product, Can you help how we can prevent ADM stuff from loading into acrobat and make our product to support versions 7 – 11?
    Your help would be highly appreciated!

    Thank you,

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