No Signature Requred – The Mac Edition…

I’ve written about a solution for suppress the green “Signature field(s) detected” bar for Windows before. Adobe finally released some information about how to get rid of this bar on the Mac too:

Disable EchoSign Detection

This article shows how to apply the registry settings for Windows, but it also lists a way to modify the Feature Lockdown file to remove the green bar. The instructions only talks about Adobe Reader, the same change can be applied to Adobe Acrobat using the same instruction, but with “Adobe Acrobat XI Pro” (or Standard) in the first step. 

It is important to follow step 4 exactly, the new line needs to be inserted just before the final “>>” in the file. You can add line breaks to make things look better, or easier to insert the new content. Spaces, tabs and linefeeds will be ignored when this file gets processed. 

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