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EAN/UPC Barcodes in PDF Forms

Something interesting came up recently, and it took me a bit longer than expected to actually make it work… I was asked about how one would add EAN13 or UPC barcodes to a PDF form. My shooting from the hip … Continue reading

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Mark Selected Options with Circles in PDF Forms

I assume you’ve filled out a paper form with a pen, and circled one or more of the options presented on the form. Can this be done in a PDF form as well? To create such a form, we cannot … Continue reading

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Selective Flattening of Form Fields Using ABCpdf

Let’s assume you have a form with a lot of form fields, and somewhere during your forms workflow, you want to flatten some fields to “burn in” the information and convert it from an interactive field to static PDF content. … Continue reading

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Apply Standard PDF Form FIeld Formatting/Keystroke/Validation Events to Fields via JavaScript

For some options in Acrobat’s form editor, you can select multiple fields and then apply the same option to all selected fields. This works for example for the “read-only” flag, or the display options. It does however not work for … Continue reading

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Convert Radio Button Groups to Checkbox Groups in PDF Forms

If you’ve worked with PDF forms, you are probably familiar with radio buttons: There is one problem with radio buttons: When you have a selection that also includes “non of the above”, you have to create a separate option for … Continue reading

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