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Create Custom Commands in Adobe Acrobat DC Pro

Background In Acrobat XI and older, when you wanted to run e.g. a custom JavaScript, you had to create a folder level script and find the correct directory to install it, or create a custom Action using the Action Wizard, … Continue reading

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Acrobat DC is Here – You may want to wait with upgrading until you read this…

[Update: Adobe added a warning to the CC updater that informs the user that older versions of Acrobat will be removed, and a knowledge base article about this problem: ] As announced by Adobe a few weeks ago, they released Adobe Acrobat … Continue reading

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Missing Characters After Merging or Inserting PDF Files? Here is a Potential Workaround

Have you ever tried to merge a few files and ended up with missing characters on some of your pages in the resulting PDF file? Here is a description of one of these instances – as a question posted on … Continue reading

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“No Pages Selected To Print” Error

UPDATE: See Vishal’s comment in the comment section. Adobe is looking for help in debugging this problem. If you are running into this problem and want me to share your email address with Adobe, please get in touch with me … Continue reading

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Save Your Workspaces Files

Up until recently, there were two ways to save a document on The old “Workspaces” section The new “Files” section Adobe announced a while ago that the “Workspaces” service will be discontinued on Jan 6th 2015. Write access to … Continue reading

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Document Level Scripts With Acrobat Standard

If you are using Adobe Acrobat Standard, you’ve probably noticed that you cannot add document level scripts to PDF documents. This is a limitation of the user interface, Acrobat Standard can actually add such scripts (and document actions), but it … Continue reading

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Where are my Adobe Acrobat 9 Updates???

Update: There is now a Knowledge Base article about updating older versions of Acrobat/Reader: You may remember that Adobe “end of life’ed” Adobe Acrobat 9 more than a year ago. This does not mean that Acrobat 9 does not … Continue reading

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Convert Radio Button Groups to Checkbox Groups in PDF Forms

If you’ve worked with PDF forms, you are probably familiar with radio buttons: There is one problem with radio buttons: When you have a selection that also includes “non of the above”, you have to create a separate option for … Continue reading

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Floating Text on PDF Documents

Have you ever thought that it would be nice to add some “floating text” to a PDF document that can be shown and hidden based on where the user’s mouse cursor is? This is useful, for example, if you want … Continue reading

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Embedding Fonts with Acrobat Pro’s Preflight Tool

Before we talk about how to embed fonts in a PDF file, let’s take a step back and get an idea about how fonts can be used in a PDF file. There are three different methods: A PDF file can … Continue reading

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