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How do you feel about an application saving changes to your files without you knowing? How about if that application is not just saving harmless changes, but in the process of doing so also rewrites the file and removes important … Continue reading

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No Signature Required!

Update: Adobe released information about how to hide the green bar on the Mac as well, see this post for more information: Adobe released the 11.0.3 update for Acrobat and Reader a few days ago, and ever since the complaints … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Updates – Adobe Acrobat Updater Security Error

Have you seen this “Adobe Acrobat Updater” security error on your Mac running Mountain Lion?

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End of Life for Adobe Acrobat 9 Approaching Fast!

This is not really “news” – Adobe announced this in June last year – but in case you’ve missed this so far, here is a reminder: Adobe is ending support for Acrobat 9 and Reader 9 on June 26th, 2013. This … Continue reading

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Link Trouble With Adobe Reader

Spaces in filenames for files on your web server are a bad idea… No question about that, but sometimes you don’t have control over the files you want to link to. So let’s assume you create a PDF file that … Continue reading

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The Adobe Certified Expert Exam for Acrobat XI is Available

Have you ever thought about adding the Adobe ACE Certification to your resume? Adobe published the exams and the exam guides for the new Acrobat XI Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exams. They come in two flavors: As a brand new … Continue reading

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Adobe Community Professional

I was very honored when I found out a few days ago that Adobe invited me into their group of Adobe Community Professionals. This is a very small and exclusive club: For the year 2013 there are 258 Adobe users … Continue reading

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All About PDF Stamps

Putting “All About PDF Stamps” on the cover puts the bar pretty high when you write a book about PDF Stamps… But Thom Parker clears that bar without any problems! His book “All About PDF Stamps in Acrobat & Paperless … Continue reading

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Prevent the Save Dialog when Printing to the Adobe PDF Printer

[ UPDATE: For use on a 64bit system, see Kevin Rappold’s comment below. ] This is from the category “Frequently Asked Questions” – this time how to programmatically specify an output filename when printing to the Adobe PDF printer. As … Continue reading

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The End is Here – of ADM that is

Adobe just released the Acrobat XI SDK, and as usual, there are a number of changes – new APIs, modified ones, and the final removal of ADM (that is the Adobe Dialog Manager). The release notes are here [PDF]. I’ve talked about this … Continue reading

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