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Paddle Mini PDF Bundle – Cheap, but is it worth your money?

We all like a bargain, and PDF software is usually not cheap, so when a nice discount comes along, it’s worth to take a look.  Paddle, the bundler of Mac applications and design resources has a PDF mini bundle for … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Updates – Adobe Acrobat Updater Security Error

Have you seen this “Adobe Acrobat Updater” security error on your Mac running Mountain Lion?

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Acrobat JavaScripts – Where do they go?

JavaScripts in Acrobat can either be attached to a document – for example to validate a form field – or they can be loaded directly into the application as a folder level script. It’s pretty straight forward to figure out … Continue reading

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Is Your Acrobat Plug-in Still Using ADM?

For a few years now Adobe has been telling 3rd party developers that the ADM (Adobe Dialog Manager) will be discontinued, and that existing plug-ins may have to be ported to something else. If I remember correctly, this started with … Continue reading

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Developing Acrobat JavaScript on a MacBook

Acrobat’s JavaScript is a great tool to extend the application, or to automate reoccurring tasks. There are several ways a JavaScript can be added to the application or a document (e.g. folder level scripts, validation scripts, event handling scripts, …), … Continue reading

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